Answering Myles the holocaust Exterminist

July 7, 2021

    What we have here is a situation where Myles is stuck in gear and refuses to get off the topic of the mechanics of the holocaust as Fred Leuchter was trying to prove…Myles is like a person talking about a car accident and just talking about the tires air pressure as a cause for a car crash when in reality we are talking about the MANY reasons why the car crashed.. Myles holocaust dilemma seems to be a stuck in the mud for him because he doesn’t get off this Zyklon-B nonsense…..There are MANY other issues with this holocaust topic that Myles has been emailed about or mentioned by us and he doesn’t look into not one of them….Myles ASSUMES there was a Hitler order for all this extermination 6 million nonsense, there wasn’t… it’s NOTH(ING but assumptions he thinks that leads to Hitler himself.

As to the other facts of nonsense we have brought up many accounts of people on this exterminist side that have stories of outrageous happenings…Some have said they swallowed diamonds were turned to sausages, soap. lampshades, shrunken heads, killed by bears, electrocuted, diesel gas, atom bombs, drowning’s, brain basing machines, being sown together, being put  in a crematoria alive and all sorts of nonsense stories that Myles doesn’t want to talk about. 

The question is do you Myles really believe these stories? Why does Myles stay on the Zyklon-B nonsense when Fred Leuchter made it PLAIN to him that He, Fred Leuchter was NOT a chemist?  So Fred honestly tells Myles to talk to Germar Rudolf who IS a chemist and has written extensively about all this.. Of course Myles has NOT done that because he knows he will have met his match…If Myles believes in al this holocaust nonsense then Myles is going to have to foolishly believe these myths, lies and fables from these witnesses that even today the holocaust museums have disputed as myths and nonsense…

Myles looks like a fool because he has no choice but to ignore these stories because as an exterminist who holds to the Jewish holocaust story he has no choice because his scientific mind then looks foolish which is something he has chosen. The choice for a real chemist debate then doesn’t rest with Fred Leuchter but with a debate with Germar Rudolf…

Fred showed how these supposed gas chambers couldn’t work, he proved his case…The typical nonsense of coming after Fred as to his being an engineer is the typical nonsense that Fred explained honestly and to see Myles constantly use that misinformation shows how Myles has been played by the Jews propaganda machine…I thought he would be smarter than that, apparently not..

Not sure you people know who Fred Leuchter is, now you will.

Certain evil people tried to destroy his life and profession...He was and still is a expert on Hangings, gassings and electrocution chambers.

Interview did Fred get into controversy in the first place? All here on different video venues...

interviewed by Joe Rizoli

2.The Leuchter Report 2021.
Jim, and Joe interview of Fred Leuchter.
How the Jews tried to stop and expert witneess.

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Ashland MA WACA TV goes wacko

September 25, 2019
Hi Bryan Fischer and others who are linked in the email…all supposedly free speech advocates….lol
Just read this article on your web site.
I’m just curious just how far my rights go into producing TV programs for Cable TV?

images (1)

Some years back my brother and I were kicked off of cable TV not once but twice for producing historical programs and information that bothered ONE group of people. Our research contradicted their history lessons so we decided to produce information showing the other side of the story and this information went up on local Cable TV which ultimately got us banned for LIFE..Our four different shows, which included one called “Rizoli on Religion” were finally replaced with a cross dressing sodomite in the same time slot….
A lady friend of mine, Diane King,  has taken our views and produced her own program in another town over with basically the same material, in one  of her shows production but also in another show more community friendly material seasonally cognizant and New England ish  friendly called “Connect the Dots”, a very nice family show.
Unfortunately that great show has been tainted by her other revisionist shows dealing with WW1 and two history and for that ALL shows have the mark of Cain and got the WACA TV ban for life as explained in the letter from her crazy Lawyer Mr Click…
Letter Diane King (9.20.19)
Look at this bit of hypocrisy from the WACA web site:
“Freedom of speech means that any individual can share their ideas publically without fear of censorship. When public-access television was created in the early 1970’s, the airways were flooded with new, locally produced programming that was by the people, for the people. Traditionally, public-access television can be broken down into three categories, public, education, and government, or better known as PEG. While both education and government are important, the public sector of the PEG cable television system gave independent producers an outlet to share their thoughts and ideas without the fear of being censored. The 508 Film Fest aims to follow a similar model and provide a new outlet for artists to create unique, valuable, and locally-relevant programming that can easily be accessed by the community.”

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a part of WACA  TV, you can email Barbara Chishom at

Diane King just got her shows banned for life also and a wonderful letter explaining how her rights to free speech don’t exist anymore in America.The shows like the ones we put up threatened no one or called for no violence, nor or a call to arms against anyone but just information not in total agreement with those running the local community cable TV station, obviously backed by this ONE group of religious insane gadflies against our information.
I enclose the document the Lawyer sent to her. Apparently we do not have real free speech in America because certain groups have decided that if the research contradicts their view of history then your views are not appreciated and you can get banned and go to hell…. mocking all our rights to free speech that you claim we all have…
Letter Diane King (9.20.19)
Oh by the way, my free speech was also attacked again by crazy liberals who went to great lengths to slander my free speech rights on a Facebook page called “The Framingham Source” when I gave my political opinions. These liberal crazies slandered and defamed me and as a result caused enough havoc that the Facebook page originator had to take the page down…One of the worse of the worse loonies ran for Mayor of Framingham in a write in vote two years back…Joshua Horrigan, a complete loonie whose post should have netted him in a mental hospital…
If you want to see our assessment of that fiasco in free America here it is linked below..I guess you can quote the Constitution all you want but in reality all our free speech goes through gatekeepers, just as totalitarian and vicious as any communist country, we know who they are but maybe you all don’t…
The video explaining the fiasco..
no free speech against Jews
Joe Rizoli
Framingham MA 
508-875-0835 home

A Simple Koran to understand Islamic nonsense better

August 10, 2019

Simple Koran

A Simple Koran

If you are going to undertake a study of the Koran it is best you use this Simple Koran to at least put into correct and historical order the nonsense of Islam and Mohammad himself…

The Koran as understood is a book that had its paragraph of pages sent to the publisher to be put together, but on the way to the bookbinder the holder of that precious nonsense fell down the stairs and all those so called godly inspired writings flew all over the place all helter skelter and then hastily picked up and put back together with everything out of order and now without context. That is the Koran now as read by millions. It is a book of nonsense, thus get that nonsense in the order that it was intended by this Simple Koran.

Finally that nonsense is still nonsense but in an order to be understood as nonsense.

questioning meme

Another great understanding of Islam in its context is found here



September 27, 2015



Interesting site

March 15, 2010

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